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Monday, March 06, 2017

My Siblings' Chauffeur (Guest Post by Havilah)

"Havilah, can you come in the living room?" Papa called.
When they call like that it usually means, family meeting. If everyone in a family meeting gets their say, it will drag on for a long time.
"Is there time to put some cream in my coffee?" I said while I grabbed a reused peanut butter jar that looked like it probably had cream in it.
"Probably." This is Papa's version of "yes".
"Get me some too." Mama called.
"Is there enough time to get Mama a cup of coffee too?" I stalled for time. I hurriedly spilled cream in and around my cup.
"Um... We just needed to ask you a couple questions." Coming from different people (like Jehovah's Witnesses, or counselors, or police) this can mean a lot of different things. From Papa, it just means "no".
I arrived in the living room and squatted on the floor whilst listening and stirring. I felt like Gollum. My coffee is Precious.
"We are wanting you to chauffeur today."
Last chance for them to avail themselves of my driving skills, last chance for me to do some more favors.
"Sounds good." I said.
The End

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