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Friday, May 19, 2017

Family fun at the table

Zurielle (15), made breakfast for all of us this morning. It was eggs, sausage and cheese, served hot and fresh and perfectly cooked.

I said, "Zurielle if you cook like this for your husband, do you know what he will say?"

Naphtali volunteered, "This is amazing?"

I said, "no,. He will say, Zurielle, what are we going to do will all this food, you cooked enough for 12 people!!"

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Havilah doing street evangelism with YWAM in Chile

Yesterday (Friday) we went out and evangelized.
This is set up like a survey, where we ask
"How do you see the future of Chile? How do you see your future? If you were standing in front of God and could ask him for something, what would you ask for?"
Oh My Badness.
This was very scary for me, but I thought, why am I doing the DTS? It's so I can do things I am scared to do, partially. I originally wanted to go simply because I was bored!
My Spanish is not quite good enough to hear what people are saying in front of a crowded store on a windy day, though. So I would ask the questions and Pia would answer the answers. That was scary but not traumatizing.
People at the base probably think it was traumatizing though, because I refused to talk about it when they asked me.
I said it was
"Scary, but, good." And shrugged.
This was not, however, due to trauma. It was because Paola had gestured that I should speak up and I mimed zipping my mouth, locking it and throwing away the key.
Then when she stood up and essentially said
"What about Havilah? She hasn't shared yet."
Then I thought, No way Hosea. I'm the one with whom stubbornness sides this day.
Poor JuCUM staff probably think they've scarred me for life.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Havilah writes about working on our "stuff"

Last week we were talking about the attributes of God.
I took notes, and this improved the level of learning by almost 50% (if I may make a careful guess).
God is holy and omnipresent and loving. He chose to be and humble, and he is inherently all-powerful.
When we talk about the love of God, my heart softens. I sometimes act jaded and stubborn, but when I realize that God loves even me, and that in his eyes I am no less special than, say, C. S. Lewis, then I feel His love overflowing and reaching other people. People that I wanted to feel love for, but couldn't.
The people at the base have been talking about healing a lot lately. We all have things that make us react unreasonably. The slightest shadows of evil memories will remind us of past pain, and bring out ugliness that we thought we had well hidden, or even done away with.
I asked God to heal me so that when I read his word, I can see what a hero he is, instead of applying my own unhealthy reactions to the story.
And then I felt myself rise up in accusation against my ownse self--Why have I been lax in staying fit? Why have I been careless? Why have I embarrassed myself? Why did God make me this way?
All these things had been lurking, nagging, waiting for someone to dare them to come out and speak. I dared them.
Something similar seems to be happening to all of us. When you address your past pain instead of ignoring it, the sadness in your heart comes to the surface. It's surfacing.


Monday, April 17, 2017

By Havilah

Just a reminder that I've been updating every week on ! Go read it if you want some news about our life here!

Thursday, April 06, 2017

What JCUM (YWAM is like) -Havilah

Now that I'm not sick, everybody is telling me that I am more animada. That is a general word for excited, encouraged, inspired. (All starting with the same sound but not necessarily the same vowel. English.)
"Havilah..." I opened my eyes again when I realized someone was touching my foot. "Desayuno."
Oh, man, I thought. I am so tired of waking up every morning and eating breakfast. (Sometimes you feel this way, right?) Part of the problem is I don't like getting up in the morning. The other part is the part where I ask myself,
"I got up half an hour earlier just so I could eat an apple?"
An apple may be a good breakfast, but still, when I take it upon me to eat a meal, I prefer to eat as much as I possibly can.
We have something called Quiet Time that we do every day. You pray, or read the bible, or something else. It's your time with God.
I think this is my favorite time in the day. I get out my bluetooth keyboard, go to a document called Kizvi (long story) and I just type my prayer for an hour. I used to do this a lot, and it's kind of interesting to see how my prayers have evolved over the years. A lot of the time, the only way I can process something is through writing in some way.
My room has seven other people in it. (Asaph's has three total!) I have to say, it's kind of nice not having to tell people to put away their stuff and stay off your bed. These mature people just, naturally know these things!
Although when I'm at Andrea's to visit, it's something else. I share a bedroom with Asaph. I actually have the option to have my own room for the day we stay there, but the fact that I have my own bed makes me feel quite independant enough.
Last week we had a person from the US come to teach. He somewhat fits into the stereotype of US stereotypical stereotyped people.
The first day he had us all come close together, ostensibly to pray. Then, he threw water on everybody! (Like what??)
Well honestly, I felt betrayed. I was supposed to learn from this guy?
But it turned out, despite his obnoxious ways, the things he said were important.
I learned that I should not be afraid to ask God for things. Big things, too.
In my mind, I believe that God loves us and wants to give us things, badness, he gave us this whole entire, beautiful world. As if that isn't enough to convince us of his love, he sent his son to die at our hands. To save us.
Over the past weeks, God has been changing my heart. I can know the truth, but I can't believe it inside me on my own. Only the Holy Spirit can change people's hearts. And now I find myself more tolerant of judging, more kind, and more content in God's love. Yeah, I still struggle with pretty much, everything.
But God did a miracle for me. I don't want to go into the details of it, because you probably wouldn't understand. Suffice it to say that I was not believing, and because of what He told me, and because of His work in my heart, I am changing.
Please pray for us, not just me and my brother, but our friends here at the base, that we can become at peace in our hearts, so we will be able to serve the people we bring the gospel to.
-written by Havilah

Monday, March 20, 2017

First Day at the Base/ update from Havilah

Update on money: Asaph needs $2400 more to do the second half of the mission.

We're wrapped in the smell, the sound, the air of Valparaiso. This city, in which I've passed so much time, will always have a piece of my heart.
There are tall buildings, pink and orange and everything else, and they're decorated with colorful graffiti on the first level. Some of it is really beautiful. Buses go by every second or two, and even on a quiet Sunday, where everything's closed, plenty of people walk the streets below the window. These are the windows that I've always seen from below and said,
"I wish I could go behind those windows! What's in there?"
You guys in the Goodenoughs know that I do that.
If I could chose any place to be right now, it'd be Andrea's--you can overlook the whole city and see the ocean. Still, right here would be my second choice.
I don't think I have much more room in here than I'm used to though. There's four bunk-beds, all filled up with girls (albeit nice girls), and the worst part is that Asaph isn't sleeping in here. But I mean, that would be weird, so no wonder.
Guys, please pray that I'll have grace. For myself. And please pray that Asaph will be able to do the second part of the mission, still. Don't forget about us! You're the people that sent us out; you're still part of this! We miss you all.
-Havilah Goodenough

p.s. Don't forget to look at all the mission photo's at; Instragram: Return_To_Chile
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Remembering Ricky

When my cousin Ricky died as a young man they played the song, "Desperado", at his funeral.
 Until yesterday I had never heard the whole song. I always wanted to hear it, to understand Ricky better. I finally heard it yesterday and drew close to RIcky for a few minutes. I thanked him for sharing his song with me.
 It's pretty profound for a mother of two RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder), children. If they would just let themselves be loved. 

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Asaph and Havilah at the YWAM base

We are here. This DTS has begun. And the environment here is amazing.
My Spanish is all coming back, and I'm learning to understand various accents, and to quickly switch between English and Spanish.
So many people from so many cultures and languages united by God. He's really the only thing we all have in common.
So what's it like?
We're on the third story of a building directly overlooking Avenida Argentina, which is a very large and noisy (this I experienced last night) street.
I've only been here about 1 day, so there isn't much I can tell y'all about daily life here.
Havilah hasn't been feeling well for the last few days, which must be very hard being in a foreign country, eating differently, and being in a completely different group of people.
I look forward to growing in my relationship with Christ, please keep us in your prayers, and I am still trying to raise support for the mission phase coming up in 3 months. :)
Thank you all!


Asaph and Havilah arrive in Valparaiso, Chile

God gave us VERY smooth travels. We were really surprised at the lack of paperwork, forms, and bag checking required. Everything went well, praise God. Thank you all so much for your prayers.
Right now, Haviah and I are sharing a comfortable small apartment that Mademoselle Andrea graciously allowed us to use for these few days before the DTS starts.
Tomorrow we hope to get our phone working with a Chilean SIM, and maybe visit the DTS base.
The view from this apartment is AMAZING! Just by looking out over the rail I see the Valparaiso lights, the ships in the water, and I hear the wind howling around the building.