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Friday, March 10, 2017

March in the Goodenough's home

Where do I start with updates?!
I have thought about all my friends and family all through this year. I have wanted to write and yet I could not. I could not. I have not been able to find a minute. Things are currently a bit slower.
 We all thoroughly enjoy our new location. Havilah (20 years old tomorrow the 11th) and Asaph (18 this June), left for Chile, South America on Wednesday. God intervened at the airport or they never would have flown that day. They have joined YWAM (youth with a mission) Valparaiso.
It looks like Zion will be leaving home a little earlier than we expected. He is leaving home 4 months before his 18th birthday to go to the Cannon Beach Conference Center. I left home at 17 also to go to Cannon Beach Conference Center. Zion is hoping to be accepted into the volunteer program. All his uncles and aunts, cousins, Grandpa and 2 grandma's in the Portland area will be glad to hear this!
Ephraim has almost completed the remodel of our beautiful, small home (which feels a little bigger these last 2 days). He has committed to another remodel for us at our other house about a mile away. I think that he and Leon will both set up shop over there, as Leon wants to move his office to somewhere with fewer distractions. I think that Some of the older children may become our first renters at that house.
Zuriel is going to a camp with Child Evangelism Fellowship, (also known as Christian Youth in Action). She will be trained to put on 5 day clubs (like vacation bible school) in local day cares and schools. Her training begins in June.
Our baby Nelinha is a balm in our lives whenever anything seems stressful or sad. We look at her smile and stroke her big cheeks and remember to be thankful again.
I am hoping for a big harvest this year. We've made our yard a, 'back to Eden', garden. I enjoy seeing the plants popping up (after my first planting was buried too deep and didn't make it).
We have wonderful friends here and enjoy facilitating a gospel community group at our home and lots of parties and fun times. We are honored by the love for and from our old and new friends and those that we have yet to meet. All this would be nothing without the daily fellowship and renewal of the Lord.
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