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Thursday, April 06, 2017

What JCUM (YWAM is like) -Havilah

Now that I'm not sick, everybody is telling me that I am more animada. That is a general word for excited, encouraged, inspired. (All starting with the same sound but not necessarily the same vowel. English.)
"Havilah..." I opened my eyes again when I realized someone was touching my foot. "Desayuno."
Oh, man, I thought. I am so tired of waking up every morning and eating breakfast. (Sometimes you feel this way, right?) Part of the problem is I don't like getting up in the morning. The other part is the part where I ask myself,
"I got up half an hour earlier just so I could eat an apple?"
An apple may be a good breakfast, but still, when I take it upon me to eat a meal, I prefer to eat as much as I possibly can.
We have something called Quiet Time that we do every day. You pray, or read the bible, or something else. It's your time with God.
I think this is my favorite time in the day. I get out my bluetooth keyboard, go to a document called Kizvi (long story) and I just type my prayer for an hour. I used to do this a lot, and it's kind of interesting to see how my prayers have evolved over the years. A lot of the time, the only way I can process something is through writing in some way.
My room has seven other people in it. (Asaph's has three total!) I have to say, it's kind of nice not having to tell people to put away their stuff and stay off your bed. These mature people just, naturally know these things!
Although when I'm at Andrea's to visit, it's something else. I share a bedroom with Asaph. I actually have the option to have my own room for the day we stay there, but the fact that I have my own bed makes me feel quite independant enough.
Last week we had a person from the US come to teach. He somewhat fits into the stereotype of US stereotypical stereotyped people.
The first day he had us all come close together, ostensibly to pray. Then, he threw water on everybody! (Like what??)
Well honestly, I felt betrayed. I was supposed to learn from this guy?
But it turned out, despite his obnoxious ways, the things he said were important.
I learned that I should not be afraid to ask God for things. Big things, too.
In my mind, I believe that God loves us and wants to give us things, badness, he gave us this whole entire, beautiful world. As if that isn't enough to convince us of his love, he sent his son to die at our hands. To save us.
Over the past weeks, God has been changing my heart. I can know the truth, but I can't believe it inside me on my own. Only the Holy Spirit can change people's hearts. And now I find myself more tolerant of judging, more kind, and more content in God's love. Yeah, I still struggle with pretty much, everything.
But God did a miracle for me. I don't want to go into the details of it, because you probably wouldn't understand. Suffice it to say that I was not believing, and because of what He told me, and because of His work in my heart, I am changing.
Please pray for us, not just me and my brother, but our friends here at the base, that we can become at peace in our hearts, so we will be able to serve the people we bring the gospel to.
-written by Havilah
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