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Monday, March 20, 2017

First Day at the Base/ update from Havilah

Update on money: Asaph needs $2400 more to do the second half of the mission.

We're wrapped in the smell, the sound, the air of Valparaiso. This city, in which I've passed so much time, will always have a piece of my heart.
There are tall buildings, pink and orange and everything else, and they're decorated with colorful graffiti on the first level. Some of it is really beautiful. Buses go by every second or two, and even on a quiet Sunday, where everything's closed, plenty of people walk the streets below the window. These are the windows that I've always seen from below and said,
"I wish I could go behind those windows! What's in there?"
You guys in the Goodenoughs know that I do that.
If I could chose any place to be right now, it'd be Andrea's--you can overlook the whole city and see the ocean. Still, right here would be my second choice.
I don't think I have much more room in here than I'm used to though. There's four bunk-beds, all filled up with girls (albeit nice girls), and the worst part is that Asaph isn't sleeping in here. But I mean, that would be weird, so no wonder.
Guys, please pray that I'll have grace. For myself. And please pray that Asaph will be able to do the second part of the mission, still. Don't forget about us! You're the people that sent us out; you're still part of this! We miss you all.
-Havilah Goodenough

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