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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Havilah doing street evangelism with YWAM in Chile

Yesterday (Friday) we went out and evangelized.
This is set up like a survey, where we ask
"How do you see the future of Chile? How do you see your future? If you were standing in front of God and could ask him for something, what would you ask for?"
Oh My Badness.
This was very scary for me, but I thought, why am I doing the DTS? It's so I can do things I am scared to do, partially. I originally wanted to go simply because I was bored!
My Spanish is not quite good enough to hear what people are saying in front of a crowded store on a windy day, though. So I would ask the questions and Pia would answer the answers. That was scary but not traumatizing.
People at the base probably think it was traumatizing though, because I refused to talk about it when they asked me.
I said it was
"Scary, but, good." And shrugged.
This was not, however, due to trauma. It was because Paola had gestured that I should speak up and I mimed zipping my mouth, locking it and throwing away the key.
Then when she stood up and essentially said
"What about Havilah? She hasn't shared yet."
Then I thought, No way Hosea. I'm the one with whom stubbornness sides this day.
Poor JuCUM staff probably think they've scarred me for life.
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