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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Asaph and Havilah at the YWAM base

We are here. This DTS has begun. And the environment here is amazing.
My Spanish is all coming back, and I'm learning to understand various accents, and to quickly switch between English and Spanish.
So many people from so many cultures and languages united by God. He's really the only thing we all have in common.
So what's it like?
We're on the third story of a building directly overlooking Avenida Argentina, which is a very large and noisy (this I experienced last night) street.
I've only been here about 1 day, so there isn't much I can tell y'all about daily life here.
Havilah hasn't been feeling well for the last few days, which must be very hard being in a foreign country, eating differently, and being in a completely different group of people.
I look forward to growing in my relationship with Christ, please keep us in your prayers, and I am still trying to raise support for the mission phase coming up in 3 months. :)
Thank you all!

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