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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Anticlimacticism (not a random word, it's the actual subject)

"Ephraim," I said the other day, inspired by the rap I heard the neighbors playing. "I need to make a really rhythmic poem."
He laughed.
"You are really persistent, aren't you!"

Seems I always post a day later than I plan. Even if I haven't the writer's block, I don't always feel like blogging, especially when there's so much to say!
I suppose that a lot of people who read this will already know, but anticlimactically I'm going to declare:
My youngest sister was born yesterday on Zion's birthday!
I wish them both congratulations on existing.
Now, first I must say that I was also anticlimactic yesterday while on the phone with Papa, for the baby had already been born and the adventure of a box arriving, no matter how wonderful the things which filled it were, seemed to be insignificant.
To amend that mistake, I'll tell you now what was in the box.
Actually, we had stayed up late the night before the baby's birth, thinking that she would be born sooner. That is my only excuse for still being in bed with somewhat anxious thoughts regarding her and Mama running around in my head when Ephraim said to me,
"Havilah! Hey, we got a box!"
A package is interesting enough. A box is actually amazing enough to get me out of my comfortable covers.
And even then... this was no ordinary box. They said they were sending us the wifi router, which is really great, but they didn't send that the entire box would also be full of bars--the kind you find in health food stores! I rubbed my eyes and said,
"Wow..." As I woke up to such a happy surprise.
"Want one?" He handed me two.
Still somewhat anticlimactic.

It took three hours to set up the wifi router--not because it needed to take longer than five minutes, but because I was having a "writing streak" and Ephraim was having something in his eye that made him have to lay in bed.
So this means we'll be warm while on the internet! And it's been cold here! Yeah that was anticlimactic because the next thing... never mind.
Finally though, we made the connection, and for that whole day I typed furiously on the online document, which, as a result of the same ongoing furious typing, is currently more than twice as long as it was a week ago. Yes, Ghost Assassin is now 45,480 words long.
I also opened hole in the middle of it and finished filling it today.

Oh, and did I forget to mention? I went to my interview!
I've been filling out documents and today, I got some good news. I'm starting in January. Congratulate me on my first full-time job! And be surprised that I got the first job I interviewed for!
I know that this is due to Papa's hard work in making sure that all of us are well-educated because I
think my knowledge of Spanish recommended me.

We started the video call about 2:30 pm. I said stuff, but I still wonder whether they could hear me. At any rate, I'm not telling this very well am I? My blog writing streak, too short already, is also thin.
Right after a contraction, Mama started telling me about stuff they bought at Trader Joe's that morning.
"And we got some really good crackers--" and then another contraction came. As soon as that contraction (or surge as Mama likes to call them) ended, she leaned on the edge of the birthing tub and re-continued the conversation.
"So, we got some crackers..." And another contraction came right on top of the last one!
Then she said,
"I'd better not talk about those crackers anymore."
My newest sweetheart was born about 3:30 that day, the only child of Mama's that I remember being born at a decent hour.
She could hold up her head and her arms didn't flop around crazily like a lot of babies' do, and her voice was super duper sweet.
Auntie Erin moved the computer over so I could see her face better, but when Asaph shared a really good-quality picture of her later, I thought to myself,
"They all look the same!" Not every baby in the world, but every biological Goodenough baby.  They have the very exact-same nose, most especially. The mouth, the blue eyes (with just two exceptions out of nine), and chubby fingers with long nails. She seemed so especially mature; she must have made really good use of the extra time after the due date.
I so-bad want to hold her. I can hardly stand the fact that she's growing up not knowing that I'm watching over her with everyone else.
She's one lucky girl to be born the youngest in a family like ours, with so many people to teach her and show her how it's done and love her and spoil her (well hopefully not, but it always happens for a time).
And now think of how fun it would be to say, "I have FOUR sisters and six brothers!" It makes such a huge difference! I'm so lucky too!

And for a final anticlimacticism, I'll tell you that it snowed today.
For about five minutes.
I knew it was snowing because I had to go outside, and I was barefoot, and I realized, "No wonder my feet are partly numb before I go inside!" Imagine leaving barefoot tracks in the snow to the outhouse and back. I'll be doing that.
Guys, I'm not trying to make it sound bad! It was really beautiful for five minutes, and it actually stuck for two! It's not raining now, just overcast and dark, but remember--"To me dark is clearer than light" because of my perspective, so it's actually cheerful weather over here.
I took that the full circle.

So, that's the end of this one. Advantageous turns to you all!
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