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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Gearing up for the big trip

Saturday we plan to leave for our big sabbatical Goodenough family tours the US visiting family, historic sites, and singing to all sorts of important peoples trip, Lord willing. See, we lost the keys to the RV. Again. I think they are inside. I'll let you know how that turns out. All in all we're pretty exited to go and do what we love to do - sing, visit with loved ones, and learn new things! God created us to worship him in these ways and we love to do it!

I'm a little nervous about some things and request your prayers on our behalf:

1. Our spirits: I really want us all to abide with Christ on this trip. - we have a fairly tight itenerary (to be posted here soon!) and I don't want my stress level to get in the way of the Holy Spirit's leading.

2. Our health. Jenny and I are both a little more fragile than average health wise. Pray we don't get sick.

3. Night time. The sleeping quarters in the RV are sufficient, but tight. Pray we all get enough sleep.

4. Money. We basically will have 'just enough' money to cover our planned costs. If something comes up that requires extra pray the Lord will provide.

5. Safety. Of course mercy is sought while travelling.

6. Our works and message: We ask that God would use us to encourage, lift up, and love everyone we meet, and not be burdensome, boring, or inappropriate.
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