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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Blow Out and the Bushnells!

Hello , friends and family. God has taught us first off that he is in charge and not us. We acknowledge him. We went to Grandpa's funeral and I feel like I know him better now than ever. Then we camped at Mt. Si. in the Snoqualmie area. Then we headed off to Hope, Id. Leon had just finished saying what time we would arrive at such and such a place. It was all planned out and running smoothly "ah, yes, we could do just fine". Then BOOOM!!! Major tire blow out. The AAA guy came after an hour or so of heat and the R.V shaking with every passing Semi.
Then it took over an hour for him to get us hobbling along at 25 mph to a tire shop. The kids all had to stay belted in the whole time. We cut out felt people and told stories with them. Then the tire store was closed so we camped in the Les Schwab lot right next to the trains. About every half hour they roared by , all night. Leon has been cheerful and consistently trusting in God and we have all followed his example. We are having a blast!!
The next day the tires got fixed and we bypassed our first stop and headed straight to Porthill Idaho which is home of the Bushnell's and their ministry called NATHHAN.
We had a wonderful fellowship with them and 4 other large families that have special needs children who are created in the image of God. We fell in love with many of them. Now we are off to Eureka MT. to the Ranch for Kids. Please pray about this as we feel we have little to offer them. They are mostly Russian orphan teens who have been raised in an institution and then adopted to the U.S and then abandoned when they didn't 'work out'. They are God's kids and the Church's responsibility. Pray they would listen to our message of how God values them. Please pray for our time with them and that we could minister to them in some way. Thank you.
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