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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Miss One Miss More

Yesterday was the best day I've had in a long time. It may not have been anything like a single one of the past Christmases we've enjoyed with our family, but it was fit to be called a holiday. Even Christmas Eve was wonderful. That was the day Grandpa took us out to a really good lunch, the mall, and a Christmas Eve service at church. It's not really "our" church but at the same time it's not not our church. We might start biking there when Grandpa can't take us.
That was also the day I explored a tunnel. I may or may not post more on that later.
Christmas morning Grandpa took us to his church again. I was a little nervous to go there because the breakfast was free, and sometimes when you get free food the environment is cold or even judgmental, but it was great and everyone was talking to everyone else and having a good time.
And, I would never have expected to enjoy a walk in the park... I realized that, even though I did still balance on every log and handrail, my brother and I might be growing up a little, because we knew how to enjoy less drastic changes to everyday life.
At home, it was peaceful and quiet. I missed my annual Christmas tea-party with Zuriel, and opening presents for hours. But I smiled while I finished sewing a "prototype #2" shoe thing.
You know, one time, Mama wanted to have a really simple Christmas. So she started a "discussion question" at the table.
"How can we make Christmas simpler?" She said. When it was her turn, she said,
"How about if each person gets just one present." There was immediate clamor. Everybody wanted to give one present to each sibling.
You can see where this is going. The rule became thus:
"Each person can only give one present to each other person." And Christmas present-opening time became the very simplest it could be with each child receiving about thirteen presents (that includes ones from relatives). The change from other Christmases was infinitesimal; what with around 169 present-wrappings strewn all over the living room.
Yes, our day was much less chaotic.

Ephraim played a game he had gotten for his birthday (the day before Christmas Eve) and I sewed that "prototype #2" till it started to get darker. Sometimes we forget the passing of time.
We did a fun video call with the family and opened the packages they sent us. The most interesting one was a game: Dominion.
We stayed up late playing that thing; it's the funnest ever and if anyone here knows the game, you'll understand that the fact that we played two whole games without getting bored was impressive. We're going to play again tonight.
Not that those who know me won't be able to guess, but I won both games. I am definitely known to hoard victories of that type of thing.
The End
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